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Drivedge is the leading provider of cloud computing services. We have a team of certified cloud experts who are proficient in developing cloud-native apps, managing cloud infrastructures, and migrating data and application to cloud environments. We support you on your journey to the cloud with effective design, successful implementation, and comprehensive security measures to protect your containers, VMs, and serverless workloads.

Drivedge is an end-to-end cloud computing service provider to meet your cloud computing needs. Our Cloud Management Portal enables you to manage and configure your cloud platform with just a single click. From mainframe to containers running, we get everything covered cost-effectively.

Different Types of Cloud Computing Services


Avail automation solutions for your business while reducing costs associated with software failure. Our reliable Testing-as-a-Service ensures the best quality and high-performance for your systems, saving huge business investments.


Enjoy application delivery with Software-as-a-Service that allows simple software access via the internet. No more struggle of maintaining or installing business software and also avoid the complexities of hardware and software management.


Get rid of the need to build, buy, or manage the basic infrastructure with Platform-as-a-Service that provides an on-demand cloud development environment.


Get a fast, easy, and cost-effective method of IaaS that eliminates the need of supporting, investing, or managing the infrastructure by allowing you to use IT infrastructure as per subscription.

Drivedge Core Services - Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing services offered by our team includes a wide range of solutions

Cloud Application Development

We engineer your business application from ground up so that it is cloud-ready. We help you implement it seamlessly so that it co-exists in a mixed environment and offer you optimum benefits of cloud computing.

Cloud Infrastructure Services

Our team will assist you at every step from planning and creating to managing and deploying cloud infrastructure. Seek a diverse range of flexible options with our robust networking infrastructure expertise in varied areas.

Cloud Consulting services

Drivedge offers comprehensive consulting services that cover cloud computing strategies, detailed analysis, and an effective pathway to implementation so that you experience responsiveness, scalability, and cost-efficiencies of the cloud. Our IT consultants will ensure that our solutions align with your business goals.

Cloud Support Services

Now keep your technical concerns at bay as we offer cloud support solutions to assist you in case of any issue. Even after deployment, feel free to connect with us for any help and we will respond at the earliest with the best solution.

Cloud Migration Services

Still stuck with a traditional on-premise hosting platform? Then it’s time to transform by migrating to the cloud. We will help you evolve your existing applications by switching to the cloud efficiently and quickly without causing any disruption to data.

Cloud Managed Services

Employing in-house servers to store data and run applications can be strenuous and expensive. Hence, we offer cloud managed services that allows you to outsource daily IT management for IT support and cloud-based services.

Different Types of Cloud Computing Services

Define your business scope and enhance the accessibility of data with our cloud computing services.


Are you planning to expand your business activities and operations? Then the cloud computing solutions are perfect to meet your scaled-up demands and needs. It is flexible to match your increased services and infrastructure. Also, you get access to the cloud services from anywhere, anytime with a reliable internet connection.


Control Options

Tool Selection


Security From Theft


If your marketing efforts and maintenance struggle are stumbling blocks to smooth operation, then cloud computing has a perfect solution for it. It allows enterprises to market their applications quickly and conveniently. Also, you need not worry about maintenance and infrastructure costs once you implement cloud solutions in your organization.



Pay Method


Security From Data Loss

Innovative Solutions

Keeping pace with technological evolution and advancements is necessary to stay ahead of the competition. With cloud computing, you implement the latest tools and innovative solutions in your organization which provides a competitive advantage to your business and takes it to the next level.

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